Sunday, 12 February 2012

Class tomorrow New modified versions of old not-so Favorites!

So, I have art class again tomorrow and a new assignment (or rather the same assignment )- I am supposed to fix my old drawings. Here they are together on my studio "wall" so that you can see the relative densities and values.

I tried to improve the composition on the two assigned drawings, but also went back to some of the older ones and worked on them a bit. See if you think one or the other is more interesting visually. I've paired the new versions with the old ones:

This one was disliked by my teacher, and I liked it. Is it any better?

I played around a bit with the vine charcoal drawing too. (I do like the changes in this one a bit better.):

Okay now here is one of the assigned images. (I don't see much difference between the two images below!):

And this is the other:

The ones above have too much dark on the left - I'm going to have to lighten them a bit.

So now (drum roll please) .... here is the newest one.

The drawing itself isn't beautifully rendered, but I feel like I'm solving the problem of moving the eye around the image better and finding/setting a focal point too. I guess we'll see what the teacher has to say tomorrow.

Here is the new one with an earlier version, just for value comparison.

Okay - off to try and remove some of the dark on the left side of that one in the middle. (Oh, and the top versions are the new versions. I hope you could tell!)

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