Saturday, 31 December 2011

Holiday Celebration

We couldn't make it down to Texas this year for our family gathering, so we skyped instead. I usually take photos of the holiday, so this year all I could do is screen shots, but here are a few very blurry images of our time together.

Here we are (from the tiny little corner shot!)
I just love this shot of of spousal unit D. It was tiny and pixilated, but it also is totally cool. Doesn't he look like something out of Deadwood or the Wild wild west!?

Here are some of the family members.

As you can see there are way too many gifts to be opened!

Here's the sweater I knitted for my Mom (hope my sister lets go of it!)

And I can't quite figure out what this was, but it got careful scrutiny!

After an hour still no dent in the number of packages!

More family shots!

Here are my two beloved sisters.

It was as good a time as could be had given we were more than 1300 miles apart!

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Lj said...

I marvel at your family unity. And I did see your spousal unit or a reasonable facsimile on the streets of Deadwood SD awhile back.
Nice fabric art.