Thursday, 18 May 2017

Random Garden Pictures

This is my new plum tree. We used to have two, but one died and of course our other tree stopped giving us plums. This year for my borthday my wonderful sister gave me a new companion for my plum tree. It is already at the end of its bloom cycle and as you can see, this one doesn't have any blossoms yet, so  I guess we won't see anything this year, but I'm glad my plum won't be lonely anymore!

Here are some random pictures of what I have been weeding. This is the red and white garden. Not much is happening in it yet, but I have been spending a lot of time each year digging out the creeping charly and the creeping phlox. Each year we have a little bit less weedy matter, but there is still enough to make it a multi-day task (about 8 segments and I still have that last one to go.)

Finally, this is my reconstitution of the garden my mom planned for me. Hers was only on one side of this garden, but I have it mirroring itself now and will need to find something of interest for the middle.  I seeded some poppies in the black dirt at the bottom and if they grow they will look nice. If not I will transplant in marigolds like I did last year.

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