Saturday, 26 March 2016

Spring Egg Coloring

Okay, so my sister is visiting and everybody is excited about that (especially the dogs and cats! Well and me and my spousalunit too! ;-) )  But she loves traditional behaviors, so of course we had to do some pagan egg coloring.

We went to the local co-op and they taught us how to use natural dyes and leaves and things to make very pretty eggs. (And we did manage to come up with one pretty egg. Otherwise we failed miserably on the natural dye front. We bought a purple cabbage and didn't use enough so we had insipidly pale pinkish eggs from it. Then there was the beet dye (that they made) I guess ourt eggs were too brown, but it left the eggs a yucky brown.  The Red zinger tea dye turned the eggs brown. (Yeah, okay I didn't have red zinger -so I used cranberry tea and it didn't work.)

Finally we threw out all the natural dyes and turned to Paas. They have never failed us. Here is what we ended up with:

They turned out pretty well.

Here are the ones I dyed using leaves and the beet juice at the co-op:

 You can recognize a parlsey leaf in the picture just above.

And here is my sister being welcomed by Copper!:

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