Saturday, 18 April 2015

The Garden on Thursday

On April 16 we could see that Spring has really begun to happen here. These are the first flowers that we see in the garden. (Already pictured in a prior blog.)

The Lilacs are starting to get leaf buds (I think a bit earlier this year than usual.)

 The larch is also full of new leaf buds!

The weather guy said we would be seeing hosta sprouts coming up, but I haven't found any of those yet. The peonies on the other hand are starting to peep up through the soil.

I'm very excited about my new apricot bushes. There are two that I planted in the top level of the "tier" garden. Unfortunatley the bulldog thinks of this one as her bedroom and so she lies on the plants in the top tier, but so far the twigs that are suppposed to become apricot bushes have remainded undamaged.

Something has been stripping the bark off of this tree. I'm not sure what, but it is extensive damage from about a foot from the ground to about 7-8 feet in the air!

There's a black rust on this tree that is dramatic and interesting although probably not a good sign!

These flowers are i the side yard. I think they are scila or wood squill or some such thing. They are not native - I got them through some catalogue, but I find them a welcome sign of spring every year!

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