Monday, 1 October 2012

Fall Colors in Wisconsin

It's that time of year again. The bright yellows are everywhere, the shimmering orange and every so often those brilliant reds that demarcate the season. Now where was it so obvious as on my recent trip to Wisconsin! Just look at the way the colors combine together to give one chills down one's spine!

Luckily there is another show going on to take a look at while one is stopped for seasonal road work. The leaves were at their peak of color as I drove home from my Film and History conference.

I stopped at a rest stop that promised a scenic overlook. It was a location famous in the past for its abundance of passenger pigeons.

The sign promised an overlook, but it turned out not to be obvious where exactly that was. Then I noticed a little trail that led up a hill and through the woods. There were some absolutely gorgeous spots along the way.

I followed the path and it kept curving and leading upwards.

Some of the colors were as rich as I saw the whole trip.

Eventually the path led to a board walk, but it still continued upward.

And on I climbed

Luckily the journey is as important as the goal. When I arrived at the top, I discovered that the trees had grown up around the look out and so it was hard to tell there was an overlook. By standing on a bench on my toe tips and zooming the lens between two of the overgrown trees, I was able to snap this picture.

The roadside had even more beautiful colors.

Going around a curve you could look off in the distance and see colors across the huge panorama.

It was pretty amazing!

Even so, what made my heart skip a beat wasn't the colorful trees...

It was the capitol building in St. Paul that meant I was getting close to home!


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I love Fall for a number of reasons and the colors of the trees and other plants is a big reason. Great pics.

The Artist formerly Known as Purpleworms (!) said...

Thanks for stopping by, Yogi. I imagine Fall isn't as spectacular in Oklahoma (I grew up in Texas after leaving Florida). I hope to take some more pictures in Minnesota later this week.