Monday, 26 March 2012

Blog Tag

Okay, so I wasn't actually tagged, but I really like the questions that Vanegatiss asked on her blog. I learned so much about her and really liked the questions she chose for others. She asked the following questions and I think they are such a wonderful way to get to know someone, so I'm going to answer these and pass them on to anyone who reads my blog (You are tagged - send me a note in the comments to let me know you have answered and then you make up 11 other questions and tag someone else.

mes 11 questions:


1) Ton film préféré?
My favorite film (at the moment) is probably Rear Window or maybe To Kill a Mockingbird
2) Ton premier ouvrage au tricot?
I'm not sure if this asks what my first knitting book (work) is or first piece is - but I don't remember either! The first thing I ever knit is so long ago I can't remember it - probably a potholder. My first book was probably The Vogue Book of Knitting or the The Dover book of Needlework. The thing I most like to knit is shawls and my favorite one that I knit has been Vampire Whine by MMario. That's pretty much everything about me and knitting in a nutshell!
3) Ta couleur préférée?
Right now my favorite color is deep purple.
4) Thé, café ou chocolat?
It depends - I used to be a tea girl and now I'm definitely a coffee gal!
5) Quelle est ta principal qualité?
I hope it is creativity. (smile) I am very analytical too and that might be what others notice.
6) Ton chiffre porte bonheur? 169.
7) À quelle époque aurais-tu aimé vivre?
I prefer to live in my own epoch, because women have not always been treated so well over the years, but of course if I were wealthy I think it would be fascinating to live in 1920s and 30s Paris. Victorian dresses were awfully pretty too - but I doubt I could live in them!
8) As-tu une préférence pour un peintre?
I adore the work of Franz Marc. I think it would be great to have a Modigliani or a Matisse portrait!
9) Quel est ton meilleur souvenir de voyage?
My favorite memory of a trip is difficult - It was probably seeing the temple ruins in Palenque with my family (even though I was a rebellious teenager and didn't want to be seen in the presence of my family!)

More recently I think it was probably climbing a tall temple in Thailand, or being invited into the home of a wonderful older village woman for tea in Japan.
10) Quelle saison de l'année?
11) Une photo que tu aimes?

At the moment I love this photo by Robert Doisneau. If this is to be a photo that I have taken, then here's my current favorite (taken on an outing with my sister.)

Here are 11 questions for anyone who might want to play:

1. Who is your favorite historical figure who lived between the years of 1200 and 1800 and why?
2. If you could donate an animal to a completely humanitarian zoo, what animal would you want to be credited with giving them?
3. What is your favorite book illustration?
4. What art have you always wanted to be able to do, but never dared (or had the time) to pursue?
5. What famous building have you always wanted to visit?
6. Favorite 20th century novel?
7. Which poem can you not stand (even though others seem to love it)?
8. The last line of your favorite song?
9. What is your least favorite fruit?
10. Three (now) dead people you would invite to a dinner party?
11. If you were going to murder someone how would you do it?


Vanessa said...

ohhhh!! Je suis tellement surprise de trouver tes réponses!!
Merci d'avoir joué avec moi, je vais ajouter ton blog dans mon article!
Un jeu qui permet savoir plus de soi-même et des autres.
Bonne journée!

Vanessa said...

You are officialment tagged!