Saturday, 3 September 2011

Thursday at Stitches Midwest 2011

I had driven in on Wednesday, had a nice swim and a relaxed morning on Thursday, so I was ready for our first class on Thursday. Sister Sandy would come into Midway, so it was a race for her to get to class on time (which she didn't quite make.) She did manage to show up for class, but was exhausted. Our first class was Sneaky Short Rows with Gwen Bortner. For those considering the class, Gwen is a great teacher; very clear in her expression of things and straight forward. Here are a couple of our class mates:

This was the only class in which I actually finished the exercises (and of course I can't find my swatch at the minute, so a photo will come later. Here however is a nice photo of Gwen pulling out an example, while my sister examines her work.

We learned a variety of short-row techniques and instances where one might be better suited than another. In this garment you can hardly see where the short rows have been added.

After class we went back to the hotel before finding a restaurant. We had delicious salads at a place called Portillos.

The decor was old movie posters and eclectic stuff and the food was great.

My sister brought it over to the table. (I really like this picture of her!)

We had a marvelous dinner, but were both exhausted so when we finished eating we left the nostalgic decore and headed back to the hotel and to bed.

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