Saturday, 18 September 2010

I found the cutest little hat today

I found the cutest little hat today, and when I say little, I mean LITTLE!  It was Renaissance Festival day today and I went hatless, because I couldn't find anything that was 16th century enough to match my costume.

I know it looks much more Dickensian that Renaissancy, but I just don't have 16th century garb lying around in my closet. (I do have a lot of belly dance stuff hanging around, though, so that's what I ended up combining to try and look Elizabethan.) I think it looked better than it does in the picture - you can't see the beautiful ruffly under skirt, but anyway, I digress.

The big order of the day once we got into the fair by showing our Irish green clothing was to find a hat to match my outfit. I really, really wanted a top hat, but all the fancy black ones were too big, and came down over my eyes and ears. I tried on pirate hats and flat hats, Henry the VIIIth hats and was about to give up when I spied a teeny tiny little browny beige trimmed one. (Brown with my (Go Green) Irish day Renaissance Festival costume!!!!Harrumph!!!   Well, It was marvelous and really tiny! There was a point in time when tiny hats were all the rage in the Elizabethan era. (And it actually looked good with my green clothes!)

For some reason I couldn't find any actual photos of these hats from the Renaissance although I hear they were plentiful! (Google must have been ailing today!) ...But there were some lovely photos of recreations.

Well, the one I fell in love with was even smaller. It is black with a matte beige satin band and some black lace. It has a veil that hangs down in back and it looks just like an Undertaker's hat (for a teeny tiny little undertaker). I adore it! Unfortunately I don't have a very good picture, but I kid you not, it is 7 inches from brim to brim and has a crown that spans an entire 4.5 inches!

Here's a picture!

Tell me that isn't the most adorable hat you've EVER seen!!!

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