Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Train to Kyoto

Since Chris would not be here for the end of the year trip to Kyoto, we decided to take a short weekend trip to the old capitol city. This blog will simply show some of the things we saw in the train station and on the way to Kyoto. Believe it or not, some of the most interesting things to us are the daily little things. For example I was fascinated with the Shinkansen (bullet train) cleaning crews and their adorable pink uniforms.

They would all line up as a train arrived and before anyone else would be allowed to enter the train they would march in and clean the train from front to back.

While we were waiting we met a lovely 92 year old woman with the most beautiful smile. She gave us each a hand massage before marching off to her train. Unfortunately I only got a picture of her as she left - but she was so energetic, that in some ways this is the definitive image.

One more shot of a cleaner.

The interior of the shinkansen was modern and attractive. We even had adjustable foot rests and much more room than on an airplane. This was literally the lap of luxury!

We bought our bento boxes at the station, so we could enjoy the full Jpanaese experience. Here is my eel dinner in its handsome styrofoam container made to look like the old time wooden boxes from days of yore.

You could watch the landscape get less urban as we moved west and northwards.

Japan is a country of breathtaking mountain scenery. Even when the weather is not at its best, the countryside is beautiful.

Of course it was dark by the time we arrived in Kyoto and I managed to get lost (can you imagine me getting lost?) so we walked and wlaked and walked before we finally found our Japanese inn (Ryokan). It was a lovely place, but I'm not sure Chris was very appreciative of that at the time - but it was the first time she was happy to have a bed on the floor!

I love the way one is pampered at a Ryokan. We were given Yukatta to wear and a nice container of Oyu (hot water) so we could have tea at any time. We slept very soundly on our tatami mat floor and were ready for the big adventures of the day to come!


Tiggerlane said... all looks like so much fun! Everything in Japan is catered to my Virgo nature - neat and tidy, with everything in its place. Enjoy!

bermudabluez said...

I'm totally with tiggerlane! Looks terrific!! I soooooo would love to shop there!

Pamela said...

looks fantastic (except for the eel)